The Power of Vitamin C in Summer

Do you burn easily? Do you have freckles or dark spots? As the summer comes around in full swing, are you debating spending a few more months indoors to avoid summer allergies?

Before you call it quits on the outdoors, consider what can be done to protect your skin from DANGEROUS summer rays—and we have the perfect recommendation.

Don’t throw out your SPF just yet…you still need it. This amazing vitamin DOES NOT replace SPF protectors, but it WILL stimulate collagen synthesis in your body, effectively BOOSTING your skin’s NATURAL TOLERANCE to the sun. So which powerful, immune-boosting vitamin will help protect your skin this summer? Vitamin C!


Vitamin C is an antioxidant with anti-aging properties, a vital molecule for skin health and that’s not all! It contains ascorbic acid, which helps make your sweat glands function. We all know that sweat is a KEY bodily function, and one of the few ways toxins exit the body.

This essential vitamin assists in controlling the formation of pigmentation. Pigmentation is a change of skin color in certain areas of the body that is caused by the pigment melanin. The more melanin there is in your skin, the darker the spots are. The summer sun can help you even skin tone, clearing up sunspots with the help of Vitamin C.


One way to ensure you are getting all the Vitamin C your body needs is through supplementation. Keep in mind that the quality of your supplements can affect your health, so be sure that you are getting the highest quality vitamins. You can take more and more regular vitamin C in an attempt to optimize their levels, but this can quickly lead to digestive problems.

Maximize your Vitamin C supplementation with Quercetin!

For those of you battling summer allergies, Vitamin C is well-known for supporting immune system function and fighting off viruses within the body. You can pair Vitamin C with the natural flavonoid, quercetin to help improve immune function even further. Quercetin inhibits several respiratory viruses within cells and has been known to display anti-infective and anti-replicative properties.


In conclusion, Vitamin C helps to heal and protect your skin against sun damage, and also helps your body fight off those pesky summer allergies. Personalized vitamin packs, like the Wellness Warrior Immune Pack, can help you skip the trial and error of guessing your daily dosage. Each convenient 30-day IMMUNE VITAMIN PACK includes a specially formulated Zinc, Probiotic, Vitamin C, and Quercetin, saving you money with peace of mind monthly auto-ship subscriptions.

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