3 Toxins To Avoid This Summer

SUMMER IS HERE! Before you load the kids up and head to the beach, here’s what you need to know…
Hawaii recently banned the use of one of our no-no toxins commonly found in sunscreen. Make sure you and your family are safe from toxins this summer with this POWERFUL DAILY DETOX!


Oxybenzone is widely known as SPF protection, but it also disrupts the endocrine system. Truth is, this common sunscreen additive is an estrogen mimicker, and can cause your (and your kids’) body to think it’s going through hormone replacement therapy. This chemical protects your skin from UVB rays—NOT UVA rays, which damage the skin—but it also negatively contributes to the environment, hence the reason Hawaii banned this coral reef killing chemical once and for all.

Avoid oxybenzone by making the switch to a natural, zinc oxide only sunscreen that doesn’t kill coral reefs.


Neonicotinoids are powerful bug killers, and your city is most-likely spraying them around all summer long…it’s no wonder the EPA banned 12 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS that use neonicotinoids. Rather than trying to memorize all the ingredients to avoid, it’s better to do a quick search on how the chemicals in bug sprays work. Essential oils are known for repelling insects—cedarwood, neem, citronella or herbs like sage and lemongrass are all natural repellents you can use to avoid toxins this summer.

Artificial Sweeteners

There is one more toxin to avoid at all costs this summer: artificial sweeteners. We already know sugar is the enemy, but be careful what swaps you make in your favorite summer treats. “Sugar-Free” treats are often advertised as “zero-calorie,” but even when your mouth thinks it’s tasting something sweet it sends signals to the brain to begin releasing excess insulin that doesn’t get used. Some of you may be familiar with this metabolic response from our Metabolic Reset Program.

The best way to avoid artificial sweeteners is to train your brain to look for ingredients like: Nutrasweet (aspartame), sucralose (Splenda), Acesulfame K, Saccharin, and Equal—that’s not all of them, but it’s a good place to start.

Follow Hawaii’s lead and ban these toxins too with Warrior Water—the first detox of its kind. Our powerful blend of toxin-flushing ingredients cleanse your (and your kids’) body, letting you focus on making the most of your summer.

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